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Fluro Skip Bin Hire are proudly SA owned and operated. We hire out cheap mini bins / skip bins to residents and businesses across Adelaide and service most Adelaide suburbs. Our skip bins come in 5 convenient sizes - 2 cubic meter mini bins, 3 cubic meter mini skips, 4 cubic meter mini skip bins, 6 cubic meter skip bins, 7 cubic meter skip bins. We accept a variety of waste, including general household waste, green / garden waste, bricks / concrete, soil / dirt / clean fill, lawn & earth / unclean fill, mixed waste.

 For customers wanting to mix concrete and general waste in one skip bin, where possible, we supply 2 smaller skip bins (skip bin bundles), one for concrete only, and one for general waste only. This saves our customers money, and is much better for the environment keeping these waste streams separate. For instance, a 4 cubic meter skip bin for mixed waste (general and concrete mixed) is $280. OR you order 2x2 mini bins, one for concrete, one for general, total price $230!

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